Bremen Super-8 Night

Next Date: 29th September 2023 at 08:00 pm at City 46

The principle of the Super 8 evening is known all over the world: filmmakers get a Super 8 film roll in their hands – that’s 3 minutes of film. They expose the material that comes directly onto the canvas after development – without editing or image processing. No one has seen the films before – a premiere for the filmmakers themselves.

Professionals and amateurs alike are welcome!

15-meter film for animation, experimental or short fiction, crime, horror or romantic drama.

Get involved in an experiment against the grain of time: no digital image post-processing, „editing“ is only allowed with the camera and the result of the work is only seen on the screen – together with the audience and the musicians, who then improvise to set these films to music.

The project is a cooperation with the Filmbüro Bremen, the Kommunalkino Bremen e.V. City 46 and is supported by the Senator for Culture.

Photos: Matthias Adloff 2022

You can find more information about the Bremen Super 8 evening and the conditions for participation here:


Reviews of the unique Super-8 events from 2021 + 2022 at Filmfest Bremen:

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