Honorary Award for Loriot

Yvette Gerner
Director at Radio Bremen

Every morning when I enter the Radio Bremen Funkhaus, I pass the bronze cast of the legendary Loriot sofa, complete with pug. I often see people coming here specifically, smiling and taking photos.

This shows how timeless film art can be. Even on his 100th birthday, Vicco von Bülow’s work is part of Bremen’s urban culture. Film art entertains, moves, but also shapes the place where it is created and cultivated.
Bremen is looking forward to the 8th edition of the film festival! With more than 100 films, this year’s festival once again offers surprises and highlights, contemplative and humorous, critical and entertaining.


I wish all film enthusiasts exciting and entertaining days!

The duck stays outside!

Honorary Award for Loriot

Vicco von Bülow, alias Loriot, would have turned 100 this November and will posthumously receive the Honorary Award for Special Merits in the Field of Humour and Satire from the Bremen Film Festival at the gala on 13 April – accepted by Leopold Nicholas von Bülow-Quirk. Joseph Vilsmaier, who died shortly before, received this award for the first time in 2021.
45 years ago, Mr Müller-Lüdenscheidt argued for the first time about the famous squeaking duckling with a strange gentleman in the bathtub.

Almost half a century later, Loriot’s sophistry has lost none of its wit and charm and still delights young and old alike, whether Bello is supposed to fetch proverbial coals from the coal cellar or a yodelling diploma supposedly equips him for life – with skilful dialogue Loriot’s characters regularly to constantly misunderstand each other with meticulous accuracy. Like a gentleman with Eulenspiegel, he showed us our weaknesses.


These and many other sketches and cartoons were created during his time at Radio Bremen. Today, the historic couch still stands in the foyer of the radio and television station as a museum piece. Incidentally, a famous quote by Loriot is: “A life without a pug is possible, but pointless! In this respect, we are extremely happy and proud to award Loriot this honorary prize in the form of the Golden Pug and celebrate this together with the premiere of “Loriot’s Great Animated Film Revue” with a supporting programme on Saturday at the Schauburg.


on 15.04.2023 at 6 pm in the Schauburg/Großes Haus

Animation, 79 Min., German Version

Germany 2023

Directed by Peter Geyer, Loriot

Cast: Vicco von Bülow, Evelyn Hamann


Two gentlemen in the bathroom, a talking dog, the pitfalls of a TV evening or a too-hard-boiled breakfast egg. The characters and scenes from Loriot’s animated films have accompanied and delighted us for over five decades.


“Loriot’s Great Animated Film Revue” now presents his collected animated works in new splendour, for the first time in the cinema and in 4K. A hilarious foray along 31 beloved animated classics, which can now be re-experienced in never-before-seen brilliance on the big screen.
A unique re-encounter with Loriot!


For the premiere of the Loriot film, Gabriela Maria Schmeide and Dirk Böhling read two sketches by the grand master of fine ironic humour.

There is also an interview with the Bremen cartoonist Miriam Wurster on the subject of cartoons.

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