Filmfest Bremen – English

Our Filmfest-Hosts

After a year of intense preparation and the choice between almost 700 short- and feature-length films with a total run time of 350 hours, we are very happy to celebrate the best selection among all the submissions this year together with our local audience and numerous filmmakers – including all the side dishes that make a festival a feast: Q&As, talks, panels, workshops, parties. We are excited to see you all soon!


from left to right:

Matthias Greving – festival director

Marc Sifrin – HOD festival production

Ilona Rieke – head of programming

Location, location, location!

  • 1

    Schauburg Bremen

  • 2

    Theater Bremen

  • 3

    Atlantis Filmtheater

  • 4

    Cinema im Ostertor

  • 5

    City 46

  • 6

    Filmfest Lounge at Café NOON

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