• Best Feature in German Language

  • 2022

  • Language: German

  • Subtitles: English

  • Germany

  • Documentary

  • 01:31:00

“Take care of grandma when I’m gone,” says the grandfather to his 30-year-old granddaughter Astrid. By then, the grandfather is already in hospital more and more often. The first gaps in Grandma Carmen’s memory become noticeable. When her grandfather dies, Carmen is sent to a retirement home. Her dementia deteriorates visibly. Despite visits, she feels abandoned by her family. Astrid realises that she has not fulfilled her promise to her grandfather. She decides to take her 86-year-old grandmother on a two-week canoe trip. Filled with nostalgia and defiance, this trip together is supposed to bring clarity as to whether and how she could care for her grandma in the future. And so Astrid sets off on a canoe trip from Bremen to Kiel together with her younger brother Hendric and grandma Carmen. Full of confidence, the 86-year-old joins her grandchildren in the canoe every day. While the grandmother enjoys the company of her grandchildren on the water, the nights become increasingly stressful for all three. The situation comes to a head until one night Carmen decides to walk home.

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