Don’t worry about India

  • Competition German Premieres - Audience Award

  • Premiere in Germany

  • 2022

  • Language: English

  • Subtitles: English

  • Switzerland

  • Documentary, Satire, Essay

  • 01:30:00

Arjun Jr. returns to his home country in 2019 with mixed feelings: while the right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi is dividing the country with his re-election, deep rifts also seem to be opening up in the filmmaker’s family. The director turns his camera on his own parents and – above all – on the family’s employees. Is there social justice in the world’s largest democracy? And where would this be found, if not in one’s own household? With dry humour and an eye for the absurd, the director tries to understand the right-wing nationalist India of today and to combine collected experiences with personal history. In a road trip across the country, he traces the history of his family and draws a multi-layered portrait of his home country and democracy in the 21st century.

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