• Competition Bremen & Surroundings

  • Original Title: GRETAS GEBURT

  • 2023

  • Language: German

  • Subtitles: English

  • Germany

  • Documentary

  • 01:36:30

A nightmare has become reality: A girl is born stillborn. Her obstetrician begins to reanimate her. Later, an emergency doctor takes over. The little girl dies. Her parents call her Greta.
Four years later, her obstetrician is on trial – she is both a doctor and a midwife. Greta was lying in her mother’s womb the wrong way round. Why did she die? Was it her obstetrician’s mistake? Did she deliberately cause Greta’s death? The verdict: “Guilty of manslaughter”. Six years and nine months in prison, banned from her profession, compensation payments. Questions remain unanswered.


content notice: death.

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