• Premiere in Germany

  • Original Title: 아파트는 아름다워

  • 2022

  • Language: Korean

  • Subtitles: English

  • South Korea

  • Satire, Drama

  • 01:12:00

One day, Hee-jae wins a residence in a public rental housing complex that has been newly built in the trendy Gangnam district after reconstruction. Hee-jae and her family move into Chez Nous. It is much better than they expected: a well-kept garden, comfortable furnishings and friendly neighbours like Prof. Moon, who appreciates Hee-jae’s artistic talent. Above all, Hee-jae’s daughter Seung-yun seems very happy to live here. But the closer Hee-jae gets to Prof. Moon, the more she becomes involved in a series of events that go beyond her common sense.

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