“The Fairground Ride”

  • Industry Event, Public

  • 16:30 - 18:00


Saturday, 13. April - 16:30

Theater – Brauhauskeller

“The Fairground Ride – Forty Films as a Film Maker” – A lecture by Sarah Aspinell


Sarah Aspinell talks about her forty-year career: “A personal, funny and anecdotal story about the highs and lows of my own career. It’s about current affairs, art and drama. Travels to India, Mexico, America, life in Los Angeles (where I gained a lot of experience with the Hollywood machinery) and London – and the fact that what matters in the end is a great story and telling it as well as possible. Over the years I came to think of myself more and more as a ‘storyteller’ – the medium became secondary. How to build a scene, how to find a narrative arc and how a story is structured are all skills I’ve learned over the years. And all of that has now helped me write a successful memoir and bring it to publication. I’m turning this piece into a play to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe, a return to my beginnings.”


The event will be held in english.

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