There’s no place like home

  • German Premieres - Audience Award

  • Premiere in Germany

  • Original Title: Den, der lever stille

  • 2022

  • Language: Danish

  • Subtitles: English

  • Denmark

  • Drama

  • 01:45:00


, - 14:30


The film is based on the autobiographic novel The One Who Lives Quietly by Leonora Christina Skov. It’s an adaption to the Ödipus story: people are born with a predestined fate, which they can’t escape from. Leonora’s fate is shaped by her family social structure. When her mother dies, her father persuades Leonora to come home to fulfil her mother’s role in the family. The father gaslights Leonora into believing that she is sick like her mother and needs to be protected by him. Leonora threatens to lose herself in her father’s reality, from which she must somehow free herself..

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