• Competition Bremen & Surroundings

  • 2023

  • Language: German

  • Subtitles: English

  • France, Germany, TOGO

  • Documentary, Postkolonialsm

  • 01:35:46

In the lead-up to WWI, Hans Schomburgk, a German explorer and filmmaker, undertook a groundbreaking expedition to West Africa. He aimed to capture adventure and documentary footage in the exotic locales of northern Togo, a German colony then. Despite this, his films remain largely unknown in Togo. Following actress Meg Gehrts’ account, we journey a century later with a mobile cinema to Schomburgk’s original filming sites. Together with Togolese viewers, we analyze the films’ historical context and colonial impacts. What truths and distortions do they reveal about “Togoland,” once lauded as the German Empire’s “model colony”?

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