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Welcome to Filmfest Bremen!

We are the only film festival in Germany to set our focus on innovative and humorous film productions of all genres, new formats (web series included) and cinematographic narratives, emerging talents, and the active involvement of inter/national but also local film and media makers.

Films can be submitted to FilmFreeway as early as June 1, 2023. The Early Bird rate is valid until 31 July.

In 2024, the Filmfest Bremen awards prizes amount to a total of more than 39,500 EUR:


International Competition HUMOUR/SATIRE:

Deadline 31.10.23
• Jury Award: Best Feature Film (> 45 Minuten) (5.000 EUR)
• Jury Award: Best Middle Length Film (15-45 Minuten) (2.500 EUR)
• Jury Award: Best Short Film (< 15 Minuten) (1.500 EUR)


International Competition INNOVATION:

Deadline 31.10.23
• Jury Award: Best Narrative Innovation (1.500 EUR)
• Jury Award: Best Visual Innovation (1.500 EUR)
• Jury Award: Best Technical Innovation (1.500 EUR)


International Competition GERMANY PREMIERE:

Deadline 31.12.23
• Audience Award: Best International Feature Film (7.500 EUR)
• Audience Award: Runner-Up Best International Feature Film (2.500 EUR)

All genres are welcome!


Regional Competition:

Deadline 31.12.23
• Audience Award: Best Film from Bremen (1.500 EUR)
• Audience Award: Best Film of Lower-Saxony (1.500 EUR)

All genres are welcome!


Special Awards:
• Film Critics Award: Best Feature Film in German Language (7.500 EUR)
• Film Critics Award: Honorable Mention (2.500 EUR)

The selection for the special prize is made across sections from all selected films.


• Jury Award hanseWasser Sustainability Award: Best Film with topic Sustainability (2.500 EUR)

The selection for the special prize is made across sections from all selected films.


Jury- and audience awards at 48h Shortfilm Competition Klappe! (3.000 EUR)


Jury awards at WFB Shortfilm Competition (3.000 EUR)


The entry fee for submissions of short and midlength films is 10 $, for feature films the entry fee is 15$. Until the 31st of July, the early bird entry fee is 7 $ for shorts and 12 $ for feature films. All Films must be submitted via, which will issue a confirmation via e-mail when the submission is successful. Filmfest Bremen can´t pay a screening fee in case the submitted film will be selected for our programme.

Receipt of the submission will be confirmed by e-mail.

Filmfest Bremen does not pay any film rent if the film is selected for the programme.


Submissions must meet the following criteria:

• Year of production: 2021/2022/2023
• Screening formats: DCP (Digital Cinema Package), (exceptions can be made for specific web productions among other things)
Please provide English subtitles in any case, even if your film is in English. German Subtitles are also very welcome with international productions


Deadline for viewing copies: October 31, 2023 for humour/satire and innovation.

In the other competitions, submissions are still possible until December 31, 2023.

Only complete online film submissions via will be accepted.


In addition to the film, three high-resolution film stills, a short synopsis (English, preferably also in German), a picture and a short biography of the director which may be used for the festival programme as well as for press releases related to Filmfest Bremen (print and online) have to be provided.




A committee watches all submissions at private screenings and selects the films for the programme. All submissions are watched by at least two or more independent members of the committee. There is no legal claim to participate in the festival.



Every submitter will receive a positive or negative reply via email at the beginning of February 2024. We kindly ask you not to inquire in written form or by phone. Every submitter is obligated to provide the Filmfest Bremen with a screening copy, should their film be chosen for the programme. The screening copy has to reach the festival by the beginning of March 2023. Every screening copy must be subtitled in English or German (or both).



With the submission to the festival, the submitting person ensures that he/she/they is/are the holder(s) of the rights and gives for the submitted film automatically permission for (a) public screening(s) of their film at the Filmfest Bremen. Furthermore, they grant the Filmfest Bremen the right to use film stills, the film trailer and short excerpts of the film free of charge for promotional purposes in regards to the Filmfest Bremen. Maybe there will be a streaming option in 2023 by a VoD platform. Conditions can be negotiated.



The costs of sending the screening copy to the Filmfest Bremen must be covered by the sender. The costs of returning the screening are covered by the Filmfest Bremen.

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