Gala Bremer Filmpreis

  • 2024

Filmfest and Bremen are once again rolling out the red carpet at the theatre on Goetheplatz – this year for… John Malkovich!


With John Malkovich we honour an icon of Hollywood and European film – a character actor who easily reinvents himself with every role and yet always remains the unique John Malkovich who is able to captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


After the award ceremony, there will be a short break and then the show will continue with “An Evening of Music and Humour with John Malkovich” curated by Aleysey Igudesman.


An Evening of Music and Humour with John Malkovich 

curated by Aleksey Igudesman  


Violinist and conductor Aleksey Igudesman brings extraordinary musicians to the stage of Theater Bremen together with John Malkovich, who slips into the roles of historical music critics. Beethoven, Debussy, and Brahms are played and verbally torn apart by John Malkovich directly on stage. He also hates Dvorak, Rachmaninov and the controversial but beloved Bolero by Ravel. At some point, he tries to take over the baton himself and possibly even claims that conducting is a profession for charlatans… A revue of the greatest classical music with excellent artists and a grandiose, bitter, and hilarious John Malkovich – in a 90-minute stage programme. 


Participating musicians: 


  • Aleksey Igudesman – violin 
  • So-Ock Kim – violin 
  • Max Baillie – viola 
  • Thomas Carroll – Cello 
  • Hyung-ki Joo – piano 


The event will be followed by an after-show party.


More information about the Filmpreis here.

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