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The Schauburg.

The Schauburg is one of Bremen’s art house cinemas and is located in the heart of the district. The classic cinema façade, on which the film titles are still placed on a light panel, invites you to watch. In any case, the cinema stands out with its bright neon signs and colorful lighting.


Cinema lovers can feel the charm of old and new productions from movie posters. In the cozy café area, physical and mental well-being is taken care of with cakes and drinks, for example. And once you have decided on a movie from numerous countries and the wide selection of film genres, a detour to Schauburg’s “Bar Tabac” is a nice option.


It’s one of the highlights of the Bremen quarter!


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Theater Bremen

The Theater Bremen.

Theater Bremen is an integral part of Bremen’s cultural landscape and functions as both a municipal theater and a four-part theater. You can’t miss it at the beginning of the Bremen quarter. The imposing main auditorium on Goetheplatz also offers its visitors a variety of other venues such as the Kleine Haus, the Brauhaus and the Brauhauskeller. Each of these venues has its own charm. The children’s and youth theater section is located in the Brauhaus.


It exists not only to provide entertainment, but also to stimulate intellectual and emotional exchange. The theater sees itself as a platform for aesthetic and political reflections on the challenges and joys of modern city life. This is why it also has a special significance beyond the region.

Every year, more than 30 premieres and over 600 performances are presented, including not only plays but also concerts and events.


There is something for everyone!


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Atlantis Filmtheater

The Atlantis Filmtheater.

The Atlantis Filmtheater is located in the historic and picturesque Böttcherstraße. But it is by no means inconspicuous due to its location on Böttcherstraße. It has been part of the Haus des Glockenspiels since 1930/31, making it an unbroken aesthetic focal point of Bremen.


Visitors can enjoy a film screening in mint condition in the quaint auditorium with 88 red cinema seats. The cinema bar serves excellent drinks. This makes a day at the cinema a feel-good day.


The program includes films from numerous European countries. In addition, the annual film program has already received several awards from the German Federal Government for Culture and Media.


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Cinema im Ostertor

The Cinema at Ostertor.

Since its foundation in 1969, the Cinema im Ostertor has firmly established itself in Bremen’s cinematic cultural landscape. As one of the pioneers of the arthouse cinema concept in Germany, it has played an important role in film enjoyment and has had a significant influence on the development of the industry.


From 1973 to 1993, the Cinema im Ostertor served as the home of Bremen’s community cinema, offering a platform for films outside the mainstream and bringing film enthusiasts together. Over time, however, circumstances changed and the cinema moved to Kino 46 in Walle. Since then, high-quality films have been shown there to a wide audience.


Over the years, the cinema has been run by the Settje family, who have preserved the legacy of the cinema in Ostertor. Their commitment made the Cinema im Ostertor not only a place to enjoy films, but also an important cultural center for the community. In September 2023, the cinema entered a new chapter in its history when it joined the world of Bremen’s art house cinemas. Today, the Cinema im Ostertor offers space for 120 viewers in its magnificent auditorium. After the movie, visitors can relax with a drink in the joint foyer of the cinema and Heldenbar and reflect on the evening. It is a place where the joy of cinema can be experienced in all its facets.


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City 46

The City 46.

Film enjoyment and a cozy atmosphere go hand in hand at Kommunalkino City 46.


Film adventures of a special kind take place here. Relaxed mornings or afternoons, enveloped in the world of original versions with subtitles. A cinematic experience that not only entertains, but also broadens horizons and connects with other people. In the spirit of community cinemas.


The program is a colourful mix of international masterpieces that address socially relevant topics and 125 years of film history. There is not only discussion on the screen, but also in the audience, as lively discussions about content and outstanding acting performances are not uncommon at City 46.


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The Noon.

Café NOON is part of Theater Bremen’s Kleines Haus and is not just a café. The chic ambience offers space for many different room ideas. From a retreat to a party, it is always open to change and the inclusion of new things.


A cozy get-together after a theater event can be easily combined because of the short walk to NOON. Even if you want to have a quieter time, there are options there. You can concentrate on your work in the workroom. It’s a meeting place for theatergoers and students. It’s simply something pleasantly different!


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