Enthusiasm alone gets us a long way, but at some point we always need money. For cinema and film rentals, the travel of our filmmakers, staff costs, dog food, musicians’ fees, sofa insurance, everyday running costs and much more.



You can donate to us.


And we can issue you with a donation receipt.


Our account details are:
Filmfest Bremen gGmbH

IBAN: DE67290501010082459017


Sparkasse Bremen


Would you like a donation receipt? Then please contact our colleague Moritz Petri by e-mail:

petri [at] filmfestbremen [dot] com.



Are you a company interested in a sponsoring cooperation?


We are also happy to do this and have a variety of ways to showcase you in the best possible light.


Whether through cinema spots, joint social media campaigns, on-site presentation opportunities at the festival, joint events or in many other ways.


As part of competition sponsorship, location hosting, film sponsorship or in many other formats.


However, we are always open to your ideas and can tailor offers to your individual needs.


If you are interested or have any questions about sponsorship, please contact Moritz Petri

petri [at] filmfestbremen [dot] com

+49 421 1462952-2


Here you can find all information in our sponsoring folder:


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