Super-8-Weekend 2023

The Super 8 Weekend 2023 is over – and super it really was.
Three days, from September 29th to October 1st, with beautiful, crazy, funny films, lots of exchange, workshop, gin and scrambled eggs at City 46.

At the Bremen Super 8 Evening on Friday, participants had the chance to put their Super 8 powers to the test on exactly three minutes of film reel. They were only allowed to “cut” by stopping and continuing the camera and no one had seen their finished film before the cinema screening.


So the audience had the pleasure of ten world premieres that included pretty much everything: mystical transformations in the forest, figures moving balls forward, the emancipation of a dog, light shows, and always shadow shows, especially in the music video of “Shitty 46” the punk house-band of cinema City 46, who are so underground that darkness is much more important than light in their videos.


Improvised live music for the films came from Conrad Schwenke, Flowin Immo and Adam Spoerhase, equipped with various instruments.

In the international competition “St8 of the Art”, 14 filmmakers from all over the world showed their Super 8 works. Here, too, there was a colourful mix – including small documentaries and film essays, feature films and a motivational music video.


The evening´s three winning films were decided by audience vote.

Winner films St8 of the Art – audience award

  • 1st place (250€ & a Super 8 camera)

    ADVENA by Nelly Schmidtlein

  • 2nd place (150€ & a Super 8 camera)

    LA PRIMA by Morena Henke

  • 3rd place (100€)

    JEDEN SOMMER, IM JULI by Andreas Scheffer

The programme was rounded off by a workshop with Super 8 icon Dagie Brundert, who had some filmmakers shoot short Super 8 films on Saturday, which they could then develop in a mix concocted on site.


The results were presented on Sunday alongside a cosy breakfast.

image credits for all photos: Manja Herrmann | Filmfest Bremen

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