German Premieres

With the competition for feature-length films initiated for the first time last year, which would like to celebrate their German premiere at Filmfest Bremen, the festival brings a diverse selection of high-quality feature-length films of all genres from a wide variety of countries to Bremen’s cinema screens. The individual films take their audiences into completely different worlds: We meet Shu, who is trapped in Chinese social conventions, jump into a whirlpool of emotions with swimmer Jeremy, approach a young mother with depression with understanding, swirl down into a confused southern nightmare, take part in a really “shitty” day of a single mother that brings back memories of “Fargo”, We are really on the dog, experience the timidly romantic encounter of two worlds with Naadirah, roam around with a neglected boy from the English working class who hopes for his father to return home, sneak into the back rooms of politics where decisions of enormous significance are made and follow almost a decade of a family and the development of their fishing village in Brazil.

From over 100 films, the screening committee selected ten entries from eight countries for the competition, including two documentaries this year. They are all in the running for first and second place in the audience’s favor and the associated prize money. Whether from the USA, China, Belgium, the UK, France, Canada, Israel or Germany, the films in this competition impressively show which topics, stories and images are currently moving people around the world.

Audience voting:

Immediately after the first screening of the film, the audience has the opportunity to rate the film they have just seen using a 5-point system:


1 = bad

2 = moderate

3 = liked

4 = good

5 = outstanding


The evaluation will take place on Sunday, followed by the announcement of the two winning films at the award ceremony on 14 April 2024 in the Kleines Haus of the Bremen Theatre.


Prize money:
Best International Feature Film, endowed with 7,500 EUR and donated by the Senator of Culture
Second Best International Feature Film, endowed with 2,500 EUR and donated by the Senator of Culture

These are the nominated films:

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