Bremen wird bunt – die Jahre 1930 bis 1959 – Low German version

  • 2023

  • Language: Low German

  • Germany

  • Documentary

  • 01:36:00

“Bremen wird bunt – die Jahre 1930 bis 1959” by Daniel Tilgner is a feature-length cinematic experience. The documentary portrays Bremen in historic color films, shot long before the introduction of color television. Along major timelines, life in the Hanseatic city is told in small anecdotes. Often these are impressions that amateur filmmakers happened to capture, moments of Bremen’s everyday life from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and stories from the lives of the filmmakers and their families. In addition, the film shows the reconstruction after 1945, the ideas of urban planning around the 50s and 60s and the Hanseatic trade in goods. The fascinating footage gives a unique insight into the Bremen locations of today. At the moment, the film is already being well received at the Schauburg and Gondel venues.


At the Filmfest Bremen, the versions in English “Bremen colorful – The Years 1930 to 1959” on April 13th at 6:00 pm at and in Low German (Niederdeutsch) “Bremen ward bunt – De Johren 1930 bet 1959” an April 15th at 6:00 pm will have their world premiere.
The festival pass is invalid for both screenings.

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