Retrospective: Emil and the Detectives

  • Original Title: Emil und die Detektive

  • 2001

  • Language: German

  • Subtitles: without subtitles

  • Germany

  • Kids Movie

  • 01:51:00

On the journey to Berlin, Emil Tischbein’s entire savings are stolen because he falls asleep in his train compartment. Emil sets out to find the villain. Luckily, he still remembers the dubious Max Grundeis, who was on the train with him. However, Emil still has a problem, because without money he doesn’t know where to go in Berlin. Luckily, he meets the helpful and cheeky pony Hütchen, who sees Emil’s plight and decides to help him. Together with other children, an adventurous hunt begins in which Emil and his detectives have to use all their ingenuity to get Emil’s stolen money back.

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