• Best Feature in German Language

  • 2022

  • Language: German, English, Estonian

  • Subtitles: English

  • Germany

  • Musical, Dance, Drama, Love

  • 01:47:00

Nele is a dreamer who always escapes from her dreary everyday life into the soulful world of opera and music. Almost as if invisible, the young woman, who actually comes from a small village in Estonia, makes her way in a big German city as a multi-jobber in a call centre and at the State Opera. When she meets the street dancer and pickpocket Kolya, it is a fateful meeting of soulmates for both of them. In a symbiosis of song and dance, they grow closer to each other. But Nele’s dark past stands in the way of their budding love. The talent manager Höllbach represents the great opera diva Adela. He is her husband, manager, bodyguard and biggest fan all in one. But when Adela’s voice fails during a performance of Madame Butterfly, Höllbach becomes aware of Nele’s enormous singing talent…

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