Teheran 2020 + Nerverinland

  • Language: German, Persian

  • Subtitles: English

  • Drama

  • 01:05:00


, - 18:00

Atlantis Filmtheater

, - 16:30

Atlantis Filmtheater

The film “Teheran 2020” is set in Tehran at night during the pandemic. Sani, a young homeless woman, meets Farid, who is about to commit suicide. During this fleeting encounter, Sani manages to give the world-weary Farid a new perspective on the world and confront him with his fears. Together they experience a small revolution and gain a bit of freedom for themselves. – Supporting film for “Neverinland”

The film “Neverinland” is about four refugees who are waiting in their accommodation for their asylum decision. One evening, one of the residents is invited to a costume party. In search of their “Neverland”, the four men dress up according to their desired thoughts – and Mohammed in particular dares to take the step of living his true identity.

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