The Boyz

  • World premiere

  • German Premieres - Audience Award

  • Premiere in Germany

  • 2023

  • Language: Russian

  • Subtitles: English

  • Kazakhstan

  • Drama

  • 01:25:00


, - 21:30

City 46

, - 21:00

City 46

In the Kazakh metropolis of Almaty lives a group of young people who dream of a better life and will do anything to find a sunnier place in this world. At first glance, the two stepbrothers Adi and Mukkha seem completely different: one is rather tender and dreamy, the other trains hard for his career as a professional boxer. But after a violent incident on the street, Mukkha is sent to juvenile prison for a year. When he returns to freedom, he finds his brother in a criminal downward spiral. As he continues to fight for himself and for his brother, it is he who gets further and further lost in the vortex…


With Guests: Abdel Yelyubayev (Director/Producer), Dinara Sadvakassova (Producer)

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