The Woddafucka Thing

  • Competition German Premieres - Audience Award

  • World premiere

  • Premiere in Germany

  • 2022

  • Language: German

  • Subtitles: English

  • Germany

  • Comedy

  • 01:26:00

When Sweety, an Afro Berliner, receives an order from the boss to handle a big and lucrative deal, her petty criminal career finally seems to take off. But the very evening she is robbed of all the loot, Sweety’s visions of the future seem to turn into nightmares. The boss gives Sweety only one week to pay back her debt. Sweety’s last hope is the Italian Gino and his German buddy Ninja. The two unsuccessful karate instructors offer Sweety the chance to do a big thing together. This could save Sweety’s life and at the same time help Gino and Ninja to be able to pay the rising rent of the run-down karate hall, or even buy it. But then Sweety, Gino and Ninja embark on the biggest and most dangerous adventure of their lives.


The film team will pe present at the world premiere!

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